Forty and Change

If you feel your birthday doesn’t come around often enough, you are not alone. Remember when you were a kid and adults asked you how old you were and you would always include your age . . . and a half. “I’m six and a half.” Of course when we get older we’d rather not think about being halfway toward old[er] age. At least that’s what I thought until it occurred to me that my half birthday was July 4th. It only took me forty years (and change) to figure that out. I know, duh. My kids caught on (and are a lot better at math than me) and they started planning half-birthday parties (complete with cake and gifts.) I think it’s great.
So what does all this mean to you? Too often we deprive ourselves of the things we truly enjoy except for once a year. I’m not saying we should party like it’s New Year’s Eve every other weekend, but what if we celebrated wedding anniversaries every six months? How about turning annual events into bi-annual events? The same is true of tackling big projects. We say we’ll celebrate when it’s done, but maybe we should rejoice when we get half way . . . or just get going on it.
Forty and Change

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