Foo Fighter

When people with wealth say, “Money isn’t everything,” our response is usually, “Let me try being rich and famous for myself and then I’ll let you know if that’s really true.” One person who has both fame and fortune is Dave Grohl. Let’s see, he’s worth $225 million and earns approximately $15 million a year after taxes. He was the drummer for one of the most important bands of our generation, Nirvana. He went on to win several Grammys with Foo Fighters, the band he now fronts as the lead singer and guitarist. He is admired and respected by his peers–and the list is a who’s who of rock royalty. He just had his directorial debut of a critically acclaimed new documentary called “Sound City”. I could go on, but you get the picture, he has what many of us want–fame, fortune, and respect. 
All this, and he seems like the coolest guy on the planet–someone you could have a beer with and talk about anything. He also happens to be happily married with two small kids. Does it get any better than that? In an interview in “Spirit” magazine he was asked, “If you could relive one moment over and over again, what would it be?” His reply? “The one where I come home, open the door, and my two daughters scream, ‘Daddy!'” That answer is so telling. Money alone does not buy happiness. I know what you are thinking, “Let me see for myself.” He was also asked, “If you could play in any band but your own, which band would it be?” and he said, “The one that plays down the street at that dingy little bar every Friday night.” I can relate to that–and the part about coming home to my kids after being on the road. I guess what I am saying is, fame and fortune would be awesome, but until that happens, we have a lot we can be happy about right now.
Foo Fighter

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