Razing The Bar


Dive bars don’t have to be dirty, at least that’s part of the message we get from the show “Bar Rescue” on Spike. The premise of the show is a bar expert and his team go into a struggling establishment and turn it around with a major makeover. This means they remodel, redo the menu, and then retrain the staff. They also almost always change the name, logo, and signage–the branding. So what can we learn from this show?
First impressions are important. People form an opinion about us by how we look (our clothes and how we carry ourselves), how we act (our actions and demeanor), how we speak (our greeting and the words we choose to use), and based on the image we project (our social media postings and marketing materials). We should check all our points of contact with others to see if they match the message we want to send. Don’t underestimate the subtle signals we may be sending to others–both good and bad. 
On the show they also work on how quickly the cooks, bartenders, and servers get the food and drinks out. To improve the speed (and consistency) they almost always simplify the menu to focus on what works best based on the strength of the staff, the brand, and what will be most profitable. Maybe we should look at our “menu” and focus on the things we do best, matches our mission, and give us the best return on our time.  

HERE IS A LINK TO A COLLECTION OF INSPIRING BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS http://pinterest.com/leesilber/before-and-after/

HERE IS A LINK TO THE SPIKE TV SHOW “BAR RESCUE” http://www.spike.com/shows/bar-rescue
Razing The Bar

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