Black is Back


I may have mentioned this before, but the reason I only wear black whenever I give a speech (black suit, black turleneck shirt underneath) is not because I want to be Johnny Cash, but for practical reasons. When I worked for SkillPath Seminars I would do five seminars in five days in five different cities. To pack for a week was a lot easier with one color (I only needed one color of shoes, belt, and socks.) Switching to black was like going to Geraninals for guys—and I never went back. Black is also slimming, hides stains, and the mic wires are less visible when I speak. It’s simple and effective.  
On the show “What Not To Wear” we learn what clothes work best based on what body types (strengths), a bit about branding (image), and getting good bang for our buck (budget). There is a lot we can learn about life and fashion from this show. Here’s a short list of things we can gleen from “What Not To Wear”. 
1. Get Real. In life there is the way we see ourselves and the way others see us. Which is real? Who can say? But on the show they use a clever dressing room with mirrors on all four sides so you can see yourself coming and going. Yikes! (It’s like seeing yourself in photos–pictures don’t lie.) The hosts also offer constructive criticism based on what they see. Once in a while we need someone else to give us a reality check, challenge us to be better, and tell us how to do it. 
2. More Than a Feeling. The reason a lot of the people on the show say they wear such hideous things is their old clothes feel good (they are comfortable.) How many of us are in a rut because we stick with what we know (what’s comfortable) rather than reach for something newer and better? By the end of the show the guests are thrilled with their new look and they realize that clothes can reflect how they feel on the inside (who they are) and also that fashion can show them (and others) what they can be. When you feel good you are more confident, and you can do more. 
3. Rules Rule. Instead of just giving the guests the clothes they should be wearing based on their body type and the image they want to project, hosts Stacy and Clinton show them how to shop for themselves using some basic rules. Knowing what works and why in any area is key to finding longterm success. My wife works in fashion and she has helped me realize the rules are there not to restrict someone from trying new things, but to keep them from making mistakes when doing so. One rule of fashion is quality over quantity. (If you can find a designer piece on sale, all the better.) But if you can find a classic item that will work regardless of trends and that will last (plus it will probably fit better, too) then that is superior to stuff that will fade and fall apart. What are the rules in the field you work in? Do you use them to guide you?
Black is Back

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