The Memory Game

A reporter asked author Stephen King how he was able to write such gross stuff. He answered, “I have the heart of a small child . . . and I keep it in a glass jar on my desk.” Funny. The truth is, some of us need reminders to keep focused and on track. (Although, the heart of a small child on our desk is probably illegal.) What can we use as a trigger for better behavior? Here’s some suggestions:
1. Try switching your watch to the other hand. Wear a bracelet as a trigger to remind you to make a change for the better.
2. Sing Happy Birthday while washing your hands to make sure you go long enough to get a good cleaning–or recite the ABC’s while brushing your teeth.
3. Create a mock up or prototype of a project you are working and leave it out (or put it up) where you’ll see it.
4. Make up a slogan you can rally around for the month, week, or even just the day.
5. Changing your screen saver to a photo or phrase that keeps you focused on what matters most.
The Memory Game

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