Living La Vida Loca

I was watching an interview with Ricky Martin recently, since much of it was in Spanish I had a hard time understanding what he was talking about until he talked about something that changed his life. He explained how he was living a lie (in the past) and one day looked in the mirror and asked himself, “What do I really want?” Once he realized what truly made him happy, he did what was best for him and as a result felt like a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders. He further explained that fame and fortune were nice, but his accomplishments didn’t fulfill him as much as others thought they would or should. Once he let go of worrying what others thought about him–or thought he should do–his life changed for the better.
What about us? If we are honest with ourselves would we say we want what others think we should, or would we admit that maybe we want less (or more) of one thing or another? If we took a minute to look deep inside ourselves for honest answers to these questions (and finish these sentences), maybe we would discover something unexpected (and honest) about ourselves.
1. I am happiest when I am . . . (What would I would love to do all day, everyday?)
2. What matters most to me is . . . (If I had to only a month left to live, what would I do and who would I spend my time with?)
3. If I knew without a doubt I would succeed, I would try . . . (What is something I want to do but have yet to try?)
4. Time flies when I am  . . . (What is the thing I love to do the most and others tell me I am excellent at?)
5.  If I didn’t care what others thought about me I would . . . (What do you really want to do with your time, your talent . . . your life?)
Living La Vida Loca

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