Small Is The New Big

What ever happened to manners? Is it me or do you see less and less people listening to what you have to say, appreciating and thanking you for doing things on their behalf, and just being courteous because they want to–not because they have to. I know, who has the time to stop and listen, send a hand written thank you card, or do something nice for someone else? The solution is to use technology to do the nice things we used to do, but do them faster. Remembering birthdays is easier now (Facebook, alarms, and an electronic calendar in our pocket) and so is returning a call. You can send an electronic thank you gift card in under a minute to show your appreciation. When you read an article it’s easier to forward it to a friend (we used to have to cut them out and mail them… yikes) and we can quickly post warm wishes to our friends and family on our Facebook pages. These (and other) little random acts of kindness are easier than ever to do, so let’s do them more.
One trend that is not new (but applies here) is the fact things swing on a pendulum. First we had to have it all, now many people practice minimalism. In other words, small is the new big. Every musician wanted to record their songs digitally, now bands like the Foo Fighters are going back to analog. Headline fonts in ads are now clean and simple (tall sans serifs) but we are starting to see a rise in handwritten type. At some point we will “jump the shark” with reality TV and go back to sitcoms and dramas. Spotting a trend is only half of the equation, knowing what will come next is sometimes as easy as looking at what came before because it may just be coming back around–like fashion trends seem to do.
If I were to guess what is next it would simplicity. We don’t have the time or patience for things that take too long and are too hard to get up and going. One trend that I can point to is stand-up paddle boarding. When I look out at the bay (I live on the water and there is a small bay just outside my window) I see hundreds of people paddling around. The sport is a huge success. Why? Because it’s so easy to do. Anyone can be up and paddling in a matter of minutes whereas kite boarding (a trend that never really took off) was expensive, difficult, and you needed a lot of wind for it to work. Look for things that are fast, cheap, and easy to make it big because that’s where we are right now–at least I am, anyway.
Small Is The New Big

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