I’m Going Mobile

As a percentage of sales for Apple, iPhones and iPads dwarf computers. The thinking is new computers will be more like mobile devices–or will BE mobile devices. Tablets are taking over. They will likely replace computers in the future–for the most part. Tablets will be like your car, you use them every day to do what you need to do, but every once in a while you may need a truck for the heavy lifting–that’s what computers of the future will be for. Just like certain jobs require a truck, some of us will need a computer to do the detail work, but most people will prefer to use their mobile devices for daily tasks and transactions. What this means is your website must work well on mobile devices and developing an app may be something to consider. We already use our “phones” for music, movies, news, and communication of all kinds. The fact we can watch what we want, when we want, and where we want is also a big deal for many of us. The digital and wireless revolution freed us from our desks and couches and allowed us to roam around while staying connected.

There are so many changes in technology it would be impossible to cover them all. Here are a few trends I’ve noticed. Social media is here to stay–obviously–for personal and professional use. The easier social media tools are to use, and the more integrated they become with our smart phones, the easier it will be to share our stuff. The rule of thumb is, the easier something is to do the more likely we will do it. Just as iTunes changed the way we buy and listen to music, Kindle has changed the way people purchase and read books. It’s not a fad, it’s a fact. We’ll start to see more point of purchase payments using credit or debit cards—or we will just wave our smart phone in front of a credit card reader. This holiday shopping season may reach a tipping point where more gifts are ordered and sent online than bought in brick and mortar stores.
So what does all this mean to us? Don’t worry if you feel like you are being left behind, you can catch up quickly. Don’t worry if you are not up to date on all the latest and greatest gadgets, focus on the things that interest you and will help you reach your goals. Spend a little time each day looking at ways to use technology to save you time and money and become a better version of yourself.
AN ARTICLE ABOUT TECH TRENDS IN 2013: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/69845.html
I’m Going Mobile

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