Back To The Future

Trends are always changing and that means opportunities are always arising. Sometimes I have been ahead of trends and benefitted from the changes in my business. Other times, well, not so much. The movie “Back to the Future” is on my top ten list. Do you (like me) ever fantasize about going back in time (knowing what we know now) and making millions by “inventing” something we already know will work? Since that is never going to happen, we have to see what’s next and how to jump on it and ride the wave of change.
This issue is about trends in several areas. It’s my hope you’ll notice something you can take advantage of. It’s not enough to see a trend unfold, it takes the courage to act on the information. For example, a few years ago I had this idea for an online t-shirt business where you could get shirts from dive bars and other places you have never been. Sure enough there is now a company that offers these shirts. It’s nice to know my idea had legs, but I didn’t move on it.
So what to do? If you don’t have an idea journal, get one. Having a place to put your ideas is a critical component to being on top of trends. First, you will want to fill your journal with ideas so you’ll start paying more attention to what’s happening around you and start spotting more trends. Second, you now have a safe place to store your ideas. Third, having an idea catcher puts you in an elite group that includes some very big thinkers who noticed things others didn’t.
Back To The Future

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