When Is Enough Enough?

“Authorities Hunt Thief Who Drove Way With $75,000 Maserati” [August 17, 2012].
When I read about a car thief who posed as potential buyer of a new Maserati and then drove away without paying (with the salesman hanging on the door) after asking for the keys to listen to the engine I felt a twinge of jealousy. It’s the same feeling I get when someone (else) wins the lottery, has their book become a best seller, or in some way makes it big. Why is that?
My career is firing on all cylinders, I have my health, my wife is awesome and my kids are incredible–but I guess it’s not enough. If I went back in time and told my younger self what I would be making in my forties I would have jumped for joy. Now that I have “made it” I want more. Is that natural? When is enough, enough? I realize I am only presenting you with questions, but maybe the answer is a simple one.
There will always be people who have more and those who have less. There often isn’t a “there” where you’re standing at the top of a mountain looking down and saying, “Ha, I’ve made it.” Being happy where you are is important. When I read that Film Director Tony Scott jumped to his death from a bridge [8/19/12] despite the fact he had a string of hit movies to his credit, a wife and kids, and a home in Beverly Hills, it made me realize having it all and happiness is a matter of personal choice and perspective.
When Is Enough Enough?

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