Being The Best is Job[s] One

“Apple Stock Soars To New All-Time High”. [August 17, 2012]
This above article made me think of several things that are worth exploring. First and foremost the reason Apple succeeds is they make things better than the rest. As a lifelong Apple Evangelist I have always believed my laptop, operating system, browser, and phone were the best–and they are. I am all Apple all the time. Owning and using the best inspires me to be the best at whatever I do. If we are the best (and known as the best) we will succeed eventually. People will rally around us, rave about our work, and refer us to others.
On another related note, Steve Jobs is the most innovative person of my generation. When he passed away in 2011 I wasn’t sure what would happen to Apple. It turns out even if you are the founder of the greatest company on the planet people will still move on without you–even if you are Steve Jobs. To add insult to injury, the home of the late Apple founder was burglarized recently. What I take away from this is we must make an impact with our work but more importantly with the people we work with. Steve Jobs was not known as the best boss–but we can be.
Finally, in an article in The New York Times [9/14/12] it seems the social media bubble has burst and people aren’t all that enamored with Facebook, Groupon, and Yelp any longer. In my lifetime I have seen the tech bubble burst, the housing market climb and crash, and the stock market rise and fall. It surprises me that others are surprised when something on it’s way up eventually comes down. If you pay attention you see patterns and can (almost) predict what will happen next (if not always when).
Being The Best is Job[s] One

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