Manners Matter

Many of us who travel for work have stories about being on the road. One of my favorites just happened. I have a large laptop (a MacBook Pro 17″) and when squished on a plane it’s easy for others to see what’s on my computer screen. On a recent flight a woman a row back and one over tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Your newsletter has a typo in the headline.” Yikes. Those of you who write to me point out punctuation problems in this publication are probably saying, “Good on ya, lady.” I wondered if she crossed the line when it comes to manners. Then there are always kids on planes where the parents seem asleep at the switch as the little ones kick the back of my seat … repeatedly. This got me thinking more about manners.
My kids were quick to point out there are 108 days of summer. In adition to camp and vacations I decided to created my own summer charm school. Each day I am teaching them a lesson about manners–but making it fun so they hardly realize they’re learning something new. By the time they are back in school they will be able to boast (although I taught them bragging is bad) they know more about manners than many adults. Somewhere along the way we have lost a little (okay, a lot) of the niceties that made life a little bit better. I hope this gives my kids a leg up over others who don’t put people first, say thank you, and do the right thing. At the end of the summer I will post the 108 life lessons (as it relates to manners) so you can what was covered.
Manners Matter

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