You Know What Bugs Me?

Many have made millions by finding a problem and solving it. If something is bugging you, maybe you will be the one to invent a solution or start a business to make it better. It’s that, or continue to complain.

I’m always curious if the things that annoy me, bother others, too. For example, does it frustrate you when you get fast food from the drive through and no matter how hard you try something always ends up in your lap–and it’s usually something that creates a stain? Do automated call centers drive you crazy when you’ve already entered all the information they ask for first and then when you finally reach a real person they ask for it again? Do you hate having your electronic devices out of sync with one another? (plus all of your passwords for the related services all over the place? )

The answer is easy. Gather your co-workers and friends and start discussing solutions. If employees have time to gripe, then they have time to work on ways to make things better. If we gather our family together to talk about what we want instead of what’s not working, we can come up with ideas to improve. If this sounds like the concept behind “The Wild Idea Club” you are very perceptive. I know creative collaboration has changed my life for the better, and I know it can do the same for you.


You Know What Bugs Me?

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