Put Your Money Where Your . . .

I’ve often referred to the book “Your Money Or Your Life” because the message is so powerful. We don’t pay for things with money. Instead we pay for them with our lives. If it took forty hours to earn the money to buy that new watch, then you spent a week of your life to pay for it. The reply to this realization could be, “Yes, but I love the watch and it was worth it.” This brings me to my point. Maybe money can buy happiness.

A vacation is a big ticket item. Is it worth the money? Maybe. A vacation can last a very enjoyable week or two, including weeks of pleasant thoughts leading up to it. Of course you may also have memories that last a lifetime. Add to that a chance to spend time with family or friends, do and see things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to, and enjoy a much needed break from your hectic life. Money well spent, right?

Speaking of being busy, spending money on things that give you more time (read: more life) makes sense. To pay to have your oil changed, your nails done, or the lawn mowed so you have time to do something you truly want to do, could be considered a wise use of your resources. If you use this “found” time to do something meaningful, enjoyable, or productive, that is, you made more than you spent, then it may be worth it.

If I were to combine all of these ideas into one, it would involve gift giving. I prefer to give a gift that gives back. Let me explain. I would rather take my wife on a vacation, take her out to dinner, throw a party, or pay to have someone else clean the house because this would be something we would both enjoy and it solidifies our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, gifts are good, but the gift of time together is even better.

How would you finish the question posed in the headline? Put your money where your family is…your heart is…your life is.


Put Your Money Where Your . . .

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