The Nordstrom Way

Ask any CEO, Vice President, or Manager of a service business and they will all tell you they offer exceptional customer service. Really? I don’t know about you, but I have seen a serious drop off in the level of service across the board. I have to confess my wife works for Nordstrom so my standards are pretty high but lately I have seen employees drop the ball, kick it, and then kick it again. So why are higher ups so confident their company cares about the customer? Could it be there is because there is a disconnect between the executives and frontline employees? Executives believe everyone was trained properly, pays attention to details, is passionate about service, and puts the customer first. Good luck with that.
So why do companies like Nordstrom, Apple, and Trader Joe’s (and others) do such a great job of making people say “Wow!” (in a good way) while others make customers say “Ow”? I hate to say it but you can’t teach people to be nice, pay attention to details, become passionate about the products, treat customers well, and do and say the right things in the right way at the right time. “The Saturday Night Live” skit where the flight attendants say “Buh-Bye” to each passenger as they leave the plane with plastered on smiles is a perfect example–it seems disingenuous. What makes Nordstrom so much better is they hire genuine, sincere, and nice people and then trust them to do the right thing.
The Nordstrom Way

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