Warning! Dates In Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear

* This article contains ideas and insights that will make an immediate impact in your life and on your career. Read at your own risk (of reward).

If you are still reading, good for you. You are one smart cookie. If I weren’t writing this, I would be reading it, too. (As Jim Rohn says, “I teach what I need to learn.”) This article is full of ideas to help you break all of your personal and professional bests—and become better at everything that matters next year. Will it work? Absolutely. How do I know? Despite the recession and other rather dire predictions, this was my best year by far. How did I double my sales, receive rave reviews and standing ovations, lose 75 pounds, release three books, and get featured on CNN and in “U.S. News and World Report”? Read on and I’ll explain.

But first, I have a question for you, are you doing everything you can to get what you want (and deserve)? The answer has to be “No”. We can all do more and be better, and it is this mindset that took my life and career to the next level. (I set my sights on becoming the best husband, father, speaker, writer, and person people knew­—and it worked.) We all have another (higher) gear and to get into it we must challenge ourselves to better our best effort each and every time we do something important.

In the this blog I will provide several suggestions (pulled from my speeches) that worked wonders for me.

Warning! Dates In Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear

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