Take This Job And Love It

Love your job or hate it, the work remains the same. Einstein described his theory of relativity like this: If you put your hand on a hot stove, one minute feels like an hour. If you are doing something you enjoy, one hour feels like a minute. When it comes to our work, we spend a great deal of our lives on the job and it makes sense to find ways to enjoy it so that time flies because we are having fun and getting good things done. How do we find joy on the job? The first step is to get real. What I mean is nobody loves everything about their job. In fact, if you find that half the time you are happy you are ahead of most people. It is also true that we are so busy and so connected today we don’t take the time to slow down long enough to savor our successes and enjoy the things about our jobs that make us happy. For one day take a picture with your smart phone of anything that makes you smile. At the end of the day you will see so many small things you may have overlooked. You can use the best pictures from the week, month, or year to create a mini movie in iPhoto or PowerPoint that you can watch (all set to your favorite song) whenever you need a pick me up. Or, imagine yourself without a job–that usually does the trick.

Take This Job And Love It

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