When we focus on our strengths and do what we do best—and then do it better than anyone else we become a super hero. Our superpowers are our passion for something and our ability to persist even in the face of problems because we love it and do it well. Add to that the confidence that comes from a track record of success by focusing on strengths—combined with a vision and plan that points to what we need to do next and are excited about doing—and we are on our way to being the best.

Every superhero had their specialty—Batman had cool tools; Superman had strength, vision, and the ability to fly; Wonder Woman had her magic lasso and powerful bracelets. They all used their unique skills and super powers to do amazing things. We can do the same by knowing what brings out the best in us, giving in and going with our natural tendencies, and of course taking advantage of our burning desire to make a positive impact in the world.

One meeting planner summed it up perfectly after one of my recent presentations when she said, “Your message was powerful and memorable, your humor and pacing were perfect, but your slides and multimedia stuff was off-the-charts good. The best I’ve ever seen.” I didn’t tell her I went to art school and love doing design work, worked at Paramount Pictures and currently make documentaries and play in a band for fun. These are all my passions and I am able to use them in my “work”. How many of your passions do you use in your “day job”? The more, the better.


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