It’s Not You, It’s Me

We can’t change people, but we can set a good example for them to follow. When we are the change we want to see at work something amazing happens, we create a ripple effect with our positive example. As others begin to emulate our words and actions things change for the better. In my workshops we experiment with making a better first impression which begins with our greeting. When someone asks us how we are, our response sets the tone for the rest of the conversation—good or bad. Oprah said, “What you put out you get back.” We can only control what we say and do, so start the new year with an improved salutation. Mine has morphed into something more upbeat, positive, and shows I care but isn’t so over the top people think I’m medicated. When you change your words you change your world. (Watch this video clip for a perfect example of this idea in action: The other thing we can do is set a good example for others to follow by always doing the right thing. Others follow your lead (good or bad) so show them how to do things the right way.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

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