End On A High Note

Making a good first impression is important, leaving a lasting one is even better. While I was working on my next book “Fumble! How To Not Drop The Ball On Your Customers” I realized scoring a touchdown with clients is more about the follow-up and follow-through than the initial impression. I must confess, my wife is an executive with Nordstrom so I know what exceptional service looks like. Interestingly, the legendary retailer she works for is best known for the ease in which you can return something—the back end of a business transaction. What we can all be better at is the after-the-sale stuff that often gets overlooked. A simple thank you note is an inexpensive but powerful way to remind a customer how much you care about them. Sending a birthday card or an anniversary gift of when you first did business together is even better. It doesn’t take much to exceed people’s expectations, and most people will be pleasantly surprised by a person or organization that takes the time (and cares enough) to follow up long after the sale is completed. Last year Susan Guzzetta and I decided to award the top two meeting planners of the year. We had awards made up and then sent them to David McCabe and Kim Pasquale. We will soon be sending our awards for 2011 to acknowledge the people who made us say “Wow!” What company made you say “Wow!” because of their exceptional service? What did they do that you can use in your business?

End On A High Note

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