Beyond Busy

Despite what we have been told, we can’t do it all, so we must focus on our top ten. Most of us are multi-talented and interested in a lot of things. As we know from Malcolm Gladwell (“Outliers”) it takes 10,000 hours to be considered a master at something. In other words, we need to focus our time and talent on the things that make us happy, we are good at, and will pay off-—the things that matter most. In order to put first things first we must know what those things are—the ten percent of tasks that bring us 90 percent of our success and happiness. One way to do this is to take a stack of index cards and on each card write down one task that takes up your time. Then on the back of each card in your stack put a heart if you love it. Put a star if you are good at it. Add a dollar sign if it makes or saves you money. Add a check mark if you must do it or else bad things will happen. Finally, put a plus sign if doing this makes a difference in the world. It will quickly become clear which things you do during the day are most important.


Beyond Busy

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