Is It Worth It?

No matter how much money you make someone else makes more. No matter how successful you are someone is more so. No matter how fit you are someone is in even better shape. When is enough, enough? When the price you pay to make more, do more, and have more isn’t worth it . . . to you. Many people who we see as having it all, don’t. It takes so much sacrifice and singular focus to achieve the highest of heights that many successful people succeed in one area of their life but fail in many others.

To some, it’s worth it. Is it worth it to you to make twice what you do now but have half as much time for friends, family, fun, and freedom? Is building your business or getting ahead in your career more important than your health? Conversely, is being as fit as some of the people you see in infomercials and magazines worth the time and sacrifice in other areas of your life?

You may say “yes” to every one of the previous questions, which is fine. But, just maybe you aren’t willing or able to do it all or have it all. That’s fine, too.

(By the way, I included links to “Parade” magazine’s 2011 list of what people earn. Very interesting.)


Is It Worth It?

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