The Jason Bourne Effect

There are certain movies that whenever they are on regular television you drop everything and watch them–even if you’ve seen them a dozen or more times. One of those films for me is “Shawshank Redemption” and any of the Jason Bourne movies. When you know what is going to happen–since you’ve seen the film–you can pay attention to the details. Which is exactly what makes Jason Bourne such an interesting study in what’s possible if we are better at three simple things. (If you haven’t seen any of the “Bourne” series, he is a former assassin who has mastered how to kill and more importantly, how to stay alive.) The main thing he does that all of us could emulate (without all the violence) is to pay more attention to things around us.

• LOOK: If we look around (with an open mind) we will see opportunities others miss.

• LISTEN: If we listen there are ideas and insights being provided by customers, colleagues, and co-workers.

• LEARN: If we rest on our laurels we are falling behind fast because others are catching up–or passing us by.

The Jason Bourne Effect

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