Messy Desk, Messy Mind?

Considering Einstein had a messy desk, it proves a few (hundred) things out and about in your office is a sure sign you are a genius . . . and probably a busy one at that. In a recent poll published in “USA Today” (conducted by Career Builder) managers were asked if they had a negative view of a worker with a messy desk. Only 38 percent said “yes” while 62 percent said “no”. Interesting.

My whole philosophy on organizing has always been if you can find what you need when you need it, you are organized. The key to organizing is to use your natural tendencies to store your stuff–no matter how it looks to others. If you know where things are (and others aren’t bothered by your style) you can rest easy. But . . . for the 38 percent of poll participants who look at what is organized chaos and see a disorganized mess, I have a solution. You can pile with a purpose, make a mess look neater than it really is, and leave several projects out where you work on them when you feel like it.

The fact my book “Organizing From The Right Side Of The Brain” is now in it’s 7th printing is proof this approach resonates with right brainers and anyone else who work in short bursts, likes things out where they can see them, resist rules and prefer creative and innovative solutions to where to store their stuff. Even though a lot of people have bought the book and benefitted from the truly unique and unorthodox ideas in it, many more would prefer to just pop in a CD and listen to the same strategies. That’s why I created an audio version of the book. I also put together some mini books for solutions to specific messy areas including: “Pile, Don’t File” and “Think Inside The Box: Organizing Tools For Right Brainers”. (See links below).

If that isn’t enough to help anyone not only get organized, but stay organized, I am now working on a new book called “Show and Tell Organizing” where each idea is pictured with tips on how exactly to do it yourself. I’m interested in hearing anything you think I should cover in this soon-to-be-released book. I’ll send you a free sample of the work in progress if you will provide any ideas and insights you have to make it better. (See link below.)

To Order The “Organizing For Creative People” Audio Book For $5.00:
To Order Organizing Mini Books Based On Thinking Styles For $1.75:
To Request A Free Sample Of “Show and Tell Organizing”:

Messy Desk, Messy Mind?

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