Creative Accounting Can Work For Creative People

The title of this entry is a little deceiving since it implies we should “cook the books” but what I really mean is right-brain thinkers need to take a different approach to making and managing their money than left-brainers. We are impulsive, impatient, and interested in things for only a short while. We are more in the moment and spontaneous than most and want what we want when we want it. We are creative so we can come up with all kinds of clever ways to justify purchases and decisions that may not be in our own best (financial) interests. Now give this person a credit card. Yikes.

But wait, we have many wonderful traits that allow us to potentially make millions with our innovative ideas. We can also be very good at managing our money when we put our creative minds to it. So instead of trying to use left-brain techniques to make and manage our money, we need to use our natural tendencies and strengths to our advantage. That’s why I am so excited to share an article with you in U.S. News and World Report where I was asked how we (creative types) can become better at finances. It’s a great piece with excellent pieces of advice for anyone who wants to master their money matters.

(Right) Mind Over Money
Creative Accounting Can Work For Creative People

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