No Brown M&M’s

Maybe you’ve heard the story about Van Halen adding a clause to their contract (when on the road touring) requesting M&Ms be put in their dressing room–with all the brown ones removed. This sounds like your typical high-maintenance rock stars flexing their leverage and being difficult. The truth is, their road show was complicated and they had to rely on local workers to rig much of their elaborate stage set-up. Their theory was if there were brown M&Ms in their dressing room then other (more important) aspects of their requests were probably also overlooked. It just goes to show that that not all rocks stars are dumb–or on drugs. That’s why my co-author and I wrote an entire book about the business lessons we can learn from rock stars. Even though I knew people like Gene Simmons, Jimmy Buffett, and Sammy Hagar were entrepreneurial geniuses (who also happened to play music) I was surprised at the amount of smarts people like Rod Stewart (real estate), David Bowie (stocks), and Moby (licensing) and others had as well. So we put all of these examples and lessons together in one place, a book called . . . wait for it . . . “No Brown M&M’s” and made it available for Kindle and Nook for only $2.99. (I know, did we learn nothing from these rockers. But we made the book a bargain and a no-brainer at under three bucks.) Rock on.

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Rock and Business
No Brown M&M’s

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