Does Price Really Matter?

Spring is the time many of us start cleaning out our clutter. This has forced me to look at a lot of my stuff and decide what stays and what goes. During this process I have come to discover something about myself. I have a lot less stuff than I once did in part because I have simplified my life.

For example, I streamlined my wardrobe to include a three-color palette. This means I don’t need nearly as many belts, shoes, and other accessories. But beyond that, I have also started to look for things I love to help make the decision to buy an easy one. Instead of going with the cheapest product to fill a need, I look for the best (within my budget) and seek things I connect with on an emotional level. I think that’s why I have finally found a drum kit I will keep for a lifetime instead of trading it in every few years. My computer is a Mac and my phone is an iPhone–two things I love. Lastly, when I sought a company car, I wanted something that was good on gas, had four doors, was fun to drive, was functional (could carry my surfboard and band gear), and would cost less than $20,000. I bought a Honda Fit and it does everything I want it to do–and I like driving it.

So what does all this mean to you? When we can find a price point for our goods and services that are affordable to the consumer but still allow us to make a good profit and combine that with a coolness factor that makes them feel good, look good, and simplifies their life, we have hit a home run. People will pay more for things they love (or like). Instead of trying to be the cheapest (compete on price) be the coolest (where price is an afterthought.)

"Technology you can love."
Does Price Really Matter?

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