Meet You At The Top

One of the best books I ever read was “See You At The Top” by Zig Ziglar. It’s a classic (when it comes to books that inspire) but it is also over 25 years-old. I even thought about the title and want to change it to “Meet” You . . . instead of “See” You At The Top. To me, it seems a lot easier to get what we want when we help others get what they need. Sure, the Survivor mentality of “outwit, outlast, outplay” works in the real world to a certain extent, but after a while you end up with more enemies than friends. If we do the right thing in the right way at all times, we will succeed but won’t have any guilt, shame or regret to go with our accomplishments. I know,  know, this is all well and good in theory, but if the other guy isn’t playing fair then all bets are off. Aha! Let them the short-term victory, in the long run you will outlast and outplay them with your winning ways (honesty, integrity, and empathy.) Just a thought.

"Meet You at the Top."
Meet You At The Top

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