Rock Stars As Role Models

It would seem strange to use a rock star like Sammy Hagar as a role model to learn life and business lessons from—but not as strange as you would think. Hagar is not just a solo artist with several hit records, he also struck gold with Van Halen and more recently had success with the band Chickenfoot. But what is most impressive is how Hagar opened a cantina in Cabo San Lucas and turned it into Cabo Wabo, a multi-million dollar tequila brand.

There are a lot of rock stars who only understand one half of the term the “Music Business”. But Hagar is adept at both music and business. This in many ways makes him better than the bulk of his peers. That’s what led me to use him as my role model for the year. As an author and corporate trainer I want to be better than my competition and used this to motivate me to do more—and be more. My theme for the year is to be better—better than before, and better than others in my field. I have Sammy Hagar to thank for the idea and inspiration for the them.

Sammy "Cabo Wabo" Hagar
Rock Stars As Role Models

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