What Can I Give?

What if we earned “money” by doing good deeds? The more we give, the more we get. We could swipe a card and earn “points” every time we helped someone, and then use those points to purchase things.

Those considered wealthy and elite would be those who did the most good. Unfortunately, this is a fantasy and people don’t become wealthy (in the traditional sense) by giving away their time, talent, and things.

Maybe we could still ask ourselves now and again, “What can I give?” instead of, “What do I get?” It’s a start.

What Can I Give?

Dates In Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear

We all agree that time flies, but we don’t always keep track of it. It may seem like we are on a speeding train looking out of the window as our life zips by in a blur. If we keep putting off what we want and need to do, we may run out of time, energy, and opportunity—plus we’ll have regrets.

If we’re lucky, men can expect to live to be 74, and women to 83 years of age. I did the math, I’ve already lived 69% of my life. I have four summers left with my oldest son at home, three seasons to coach my youngest son’s baseball team, and probably only a couple more Thanksgivings with my mom.

It’s made me question some things. These are the questions I’m asking my self.
• What is most important right now and how can I make sure I don’t miss it?
• What do I want or need to do, but haven’t?
• What would I regret not doing if I died today?
• If today were my last day would I want to do what I’m doing?

The next step is to take small steps to do these things.

Dates In Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear


If everyone thought like entrepreneurs, there would be a lot less complaining and a lot more doing. Where most people see a problem, an entrepreneur see an opportunity. This kind of thinking (find a problem and solve it) spurs innovative thinking and action.

Since many people are employees and not entrepreneurs, their mindset is different. What if employees thought of their job as their business and their employer as the client? The result would be a combination of entrepreneurialism and empowerment—or, “empowership”.


You Miss 100% Of The Shots . . .

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take,” said hockey great Wayne Gretzky. For each of my novels I always imagine who would play the characters if the book were made into a movie. For “Sunshine” I imagined it would be Kate Hudson and her mom, Goldie Hawn.

Helen Gray, a reader of this blog (and good friend) suggested I send Goldie Hawn a copy of my book. I tracked down her manager and sent a copy with a long letter. What have I got to lose, right? At least there’s a chance now that something could happen with the book.

You Miss 100% Of The Shots . . .

The Sunshine Factor: How To Handle Adversity

Sunshine Blake was abandoned by her parents, widowed three times, and her home burned to the ground—and that’s not even half of what happened to her. Somehow through it all she was able to remain positive, hopeful, and happy. How did she do it?

Bounce Back Slowly
Sunshine often said it was easier to make one small improvement a week instead of a dozen all at once. She believed action was better than inaction and would stack one positive improvement on top of another—like compound interest—to move forward one small step at a time.

Complaining is a Waste of Time
Sunshine loved the quote, “If you have time to complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.” She would try to find the silver lining in situations and turn a negative into a positive. When faced with a problem she focused on finding solutions instead of complaining or coming up with excuses.

Never Eat Alone
Sunshine was a people person. First and foremost she preferred to cheer others on and help those who were less fortunate. Many of the good things that happened for Sunshine happened as a result of her helping others—or others wanting to help her. She surrounded herself with positive people who were as encouraging and supportive as she was and when she needed help, she didn’t even have to ask.

Live Your Life
Sunshine was so busy getting everything out of life she possibly could she didn’t have time to watch and worry about what others others were doing with their seemingly perfect lives on Facebook. It’s unhealthy to compare ourselves to others who seem to have more. Everyone has problems and nobody has a perfect life—despite what they post.

Let Go
Sunshine was a big believer that good things were about to happen, and that we are unable to control how or when they will happen. Most things are beyond our control and when we try to control them we fail and end up frustrated. Sunshine accepted things the way they were which allowed her to move on and move forward with the belief that something wonderful was right around the corner.

There is an ebb and flow to our lives and not everything is going to be wonderful all the time, but when we are down we must believe that we’ll be up again. When we’re going through tough times, it helps to know it’s only temporary.

Think about giving the gift of “Sunshine” this holiday season. This inspiring book makes a great gift.

The Sunshine Factor: How To Handle Adversity

The Comeback

To comeback from something negative isn’t easy, but people do it all the time and are better for it. There are a lot of obvious and simple things to do when attempting to bounce back from adversity, but I want to offer three things that we may have not thought about and go against the grain.


Go ahead and channel our anger in a positive way and use it to push us past obstacles or objections. Whether it’s to say to the naysayers, “Oh yeah, just watch me. I’ll show you,” or to let the anger fuel our fire to do more and try harder.

Having a purpose that is bigger than us can be just what we need to find the strength to go for it and get past what is holding us back. Maybe it’s a cause, our customers, our kids, our company, or something else that we want to make a comeback for.

Whether others let us down or not, taking control of our own destiny and making a commitment to ourselves to do all we can is empowering. Not relying on others and taking charge of turning things around is better than waiting and hoping someone else will do it for us.

After a down year in 2016, things have turned around for me in 2017, but the comeback isn’t quite complete. If you know of any group that needs a keynote or breakout speaker, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

The Comeback

The Two-Minute Drill

In football there is something called, “The Two-Minute Drill” and it’s used by the offense in the final two minutes of a half or at the end of the game. Players don’t huddle up, but instead hustle up to the line with a sense of urgency to save time and run as many plays as possible to try and score points. 

We are in the fourth quarter of 2017 and it’s time to pick up the pace and finish with a flourish. We can end the year on a high note by taking on the tasks we’ve been putting off. We can start a 60 day challenge to make a change we’ve been meaning to make . . . but haven’t, or make one small improvement a day for for sixty days.

For me, my fourth quarter 60-day challenge will be to finish my new demo video, finish my new website, and make all repairs in and around my home. What’s yours?


The Two-Minute Drill